Friday, 9 December 2011

Sarah Foster

Last night I met up with my college friend Sarah for a much needed catch up! As our birthdays are pretty close together we arranged to go for tea at TGI Fridays and exchange gifts. I had a lovely time and we laughed a lot which is always good! :)

Anyway Sarah owns a very beautiful gift shop situated in the quaint village of Marsden (Huddersfield) 
At Roobarb you will find items ranging from home accessories, beautiful gifts to unique handmade items.

Above and below are my very neatly wrapped presents by Sarah (unlike mine) which you can find more information about on the Roobarb blog!

You can also find Sarah's work through her twitter & facebook pages.

Here is a little peak at the gift I made for Sarah's birthday..

So I hope you like the shop and I definitely recommend visiting the shop at some point before Christmas xx